Sunday, February 11, 2007


Well if you havent heard im home now, The trip was good. Thanx for the support and prayer. Props to you guys for being amazing support.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hostel Sauna

Yep that pretty much sums it up.
I am in a sauna, which is a hostel, and has a tv and internet caffe. Koreans have evrything figured out. This might be the best 6 bucks i ever spend in my life.

If your still reading this

I am impressed that (if) people are still reading this blog. Iether you have a lot of time or you actually care about my life if you are still holding on to memories of a tim who cant spell and only writes infrequently. Well for those of you who love me enought to still be reading heres a big thanx. I really like people like you. YOUR GREAT. (thats my pep talk to keep you motivated).
Heres the news, I arived in Korea on jan 12 as was planned and i met a very tired john gurn. He had a heck of a holiday season and after nemerous trips to the airport and one trip to Canada he was still there to meet me with a shining face. It was strange to see someone i knew but really comforting. John and I slept in Korea on the 12th and then we were of to mongolia the next day. We stayed there for a week and John let me do a bit of talking after he had done his teaching for the day. I was greatfull for the oportunity. The whole experience was very posative. I am now winding down in asia and will be comming home soon.
Looking forward to seeing everyone.
with love

Monday, January 08, 2007

short report

Good Day,
This is just another short update for those of you who are so faithfully lifting me up in prayer, and for anyone else who is interested. I am very grateful for the safe journeys I have had thus far and as I continue to travel I commit my way to the Lord and to His grace. I am at the present time in Lusaka, Zambia. I fly from here to RSA on Jan 10 and then to Korea where I will rendezvous with John Gurnett on the 12th. I will spend about a month with John in various parts of Asia.
My Time in Zambia has been a time of deep growth for me. I have been stretched physically spiritually, and emotionally and God has (wouldn’t you know it) been with me through it all. I spent a few days a week at a hydro project learning about and helping with the mechanical alignment of the machinery (turbine, gearbox, flywheel, and alternator),watching the blasting of the canal, and chaining huge boulders in the river so we could winch them out of the mouth of the dam wall. I was however able to spend the majority of my time helping with maintenance at the mission I was staying on. It has been great to see a practical aspect of overseas church work.
I wish you all a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Monday, December 25, 2006

The beerhunter

Happy Christmas.
I must say this is possibly the best christmas i have ever had. I dont know how to explain it though. I havent recieved a lot of gifts or spent time with family. Ive spent some time with people and a lot of time by myself. But I really know im loved today. I know it in a way that i cant describe. I know that my family is missing me and thinking of me. I know Gods indescribable love and I feel strong. I feel strong because i know how weak i am. God is so increadible, i read some of the gospels and scimmed over them last night. Sometimes we just take christmas as a luke 2 event but the whole thing is christmas. Its really the moment creation was longing for. I know thats all been said before but it means something to me.
I want to say a big i loved you to everyone back home.
May God really bless you.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Me and my Dts school leader, Kobus mouton.

more pics

Leaving south africa

The end of ethiopia
Ethiopia Our translator Girum


Ethiopia pics

My outreach team in ethiopia.
Leaving for ethiopia
Orphanage in ethiopia
Walking in ethiopia

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

long time

well this is the prodigal tim. I do deeply apologize for the lack of blogs over the last few months, \in ethiopia it was imposible to open my blog and i have just settled here in northwest zambia so heres my story. I spent about 6 weeks in ethiopia, it was a wonderfull time in which God really stretched my faith. I dont know where it al came from but God provided all the money i needed to continue and finish my journey. I believe many people at my home church have supported me and i am very greatful to God for that. They say you dont know what you have till its gone. It is defenitely like that with my family, country, and home church. I appreciate them so much now that Ive been without them.
Moving on, my time in ethiopia was good, i returned to RSA in mid november for two weeks of debriefing. I was greatfull for that time. I proceded to pack two huge bags and cathc trains ,busses, mission vans, and local taxis to where I am now. God provided each step of the 50 hours of travelling and showed himself faithfull in many ways. I am now warking on a mission station in northern zambia, conecting two worlds as it were, and spending time with a couple who i grew up knowing in the congo. All around its really going well. God remains good, (surprise surprise) he is my strength and salvation.
ps. if you want to talk to me you can add me to skype, Timothyt1 oh and add 9 hours to your clock.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Goeie dag,

Good day,

An yung ha sae yo,

I am at a transitional point in my time in africa. I thought this would be a lekker time to share what God has done, where I am going, and what prayer requests I have.My CDTS lecture phase has just ended and we are preparing to leave for our outreach to Ethiopia.
As I reflect on the last three months I am excited about where I have come from and where I am going. At the start of my journey God gave me the word that I am His "Son in His Palm".I Know God has me right where he wants me and most of the time that feels really good.From the beginning of my trip God has ordained many things. For example in each leg of my flight to Africa God placed me beside someone I could minister to and or someone who would minister to me. Each person was specifically placed in my path at just the right time. On my flight
from Edmonton to LA. I sat beside some relatives that I didn't even know existed and they really encouraged me. From LA to singapore I sat beside a guy from singapore who was really easy to relate with. I was able to have a positive and open discussion with him about God. I was also able to follow him through my Tokyo transfer. On my flight from singapore to Capetown I sat beside a South african guy who shared a lot of really helpful information with me. God was very gracious to me as I was fairly nervous about all of that traveling. I wish I had time to share in more detail about all God has done but for now I will just give you a few examples. During my time here I have been able to partner with a local church in building a small prefab house, framing in a ceiling in one of the nearby townships, and working with a wednesday afternoon kids club called Kinderbond. Through YWAM I have
been involved with thursday afternoon youth studies, monday evening services at a local shelter, and tuesday morning school ministry. One of the most exciting stories from these small outreaches happened when we were visiting the shelter on a monday night. The shelter is mostly for older people off the street who want to sober up. Lots of them have aids and most of them are close to the end. One night as we shared testimonies, sang songs, and prayed God told me that three people would turn to him. Sure enough when the service was over, three people stayed behind to receive the Lord. God didn't need to tell me that three people would turn to him but I believe he was giving me lessons in hearing His voice.

I have found the lecture phase of my CDTS to be very profitable. I think God has taken a lot of my head knowledge and moved it into my heart. What stands out most to me from lecture phase is not the great speakers or teachings. What stands out most is the incredible alignment of prophetic words spoken over me. God has confirmed certain things over and over again through different people who know nothing about me. This has really encouraged my faith.

The most important thing i took from the teachings was to find my identity in God. When I find my identity in God I can receive His authority, and the I can walk into my destiny. So often I carry on my head a paper crown of pride or a guilty crown of thorns. Christ's blood washes me clean and God wants to give me a crown of gold and sonship to replace the old identity. Everyday I have to rip of my paper crown and walk in Gods authority. There is so much more to share but I will stop there. My time so far hasn't been all airy fairy wonderful, I don't want to pretend that. Its been positive, sometimes rough, and sometimes frustrating, but good.

During the next stage of my trip I will be in Addis ababa Ethiopia. Or outreach team will leave on september 28th for Addis and we will return on November 11th. We will be involved with a lot of children's work, local church work, feeding schemes, street evangelism, and whatever else comes out way.Its not that we haven't been trying to organize more specifically, this is just Africa. Our team consists of six very dynamic people. Please pray for ,Elmien, our team leader; she is a wonderful South African Lady. Theo, my roommate is also a South african. He is the teams co-leader. Sue and Gina are incredible girls from Korea with sweet hearts and gifted willing hands. Elizabeth is a girl from Washington. She has an astounding listening gift, and is very sensitive . Also please pray for me as i will be speaking, doing behind the scenes planning, and organizing people. Pray that we will be
stretched and God will be praised. Pray that the Kingdom of heaven will be affected for eternity both in our hearts and in theirs. Also Please pray that God will prepare the soil for us and light our path, that he gives us travel mercies, provision, and safety in the unstable muslim world. Lastly pray for sensitivity within our group, for unity, and above all for genuine love.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers I really see the fruit of it in my life. May God bless and keep you. May He make his face shine upon you and through you.